Legends of Pegasus

What a ride, while our graphic work was complete for LoP, we were short on programmers (or hours in a day) to really finish our game. Kalypso demanding a lot of extra stuff (like a single player campaign; which wasn’t even planned – so no tools etc.) did not help either. It’s sad to see so much work just going to waste.

Some fancy Screenshots:

legendsofpegasus_human_telescope legendsofpegasus_human_research legendsofpegasus_human_habitat legendsofpegasus_human_generators legendsofpegasus_human_frigate legendsofpegasus_human_destroyer legendsofpegasus_human_cruiser legendsofpegasus_human_corvette Legends of Pegasus

In the end I did the modeling and map baking work (diff, normal etc.) for most of the human buildings, weapons and modules, as well as almost the entire X’Or race, including buildings, ships and weapons.

More Screengrabs of some of the human stuff:

Habitat_WireScience_kitspecial & heavy weaponslight_pewsmed_pews

X’Or models:



Most of these also had multiple destruction meshes and small animations.

There has also been a lot of „not 3D“ work: Some space-backgrounds and parts of the X’Or and Athrox campaign building and scripting.

I also did the way-too–much neglected game design work consisting of ironing out the differences in ship parts and components and differences between the three races and their weapon systems. That then lead to balancing work like planetary and unit building costs for the three races, ship stats (damage, RoF, range etc) and balancing between different damage types. – Yay crunch.


— Ye olde post —

(Screens are early alpha phase (or something like that))

As it has finally been revealed to the public I am now able to update my portfolio, too.

This is Legends of Pegasus a projext I worked on at by Novacore-Studios, it’s a 4x space-game which combines realtime combat with a round based strategy and planning phase. My job focussed on preparing 3D assets for texturing, so I did the highpoly and lowpoly models, unwrap them and did normal/ambient occlusion and other bakes for our texturing guy.

Thanks to the -somewhat- small size of the company, I had the opportunity to learn something about almost every aspect of the gamemaking process, from concepts to sound to gamedesign, which is a great experience.

On the screens you can see some of the human modules I did — those dome-like additions you can see are the civil modules for example — and the X’Or ship that was done by me for the Gamescom version.




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